Bike Fitting At Pinarello


Several factors combine to determine the type of Pinarello bike that suits you best. Our fit expert from Precise Performance will consider your strength, flexibility, injury history, riding style, cycling goals, size, and weight.  Once you have selected the most suitable Pinarello model, our staff will help you fine-tune saddle height, position, reach and stack. We can also assess your shoe and cleat position to ensure maximum power output efficiency and reduce the likelihood of overuse injury.

Who We Are
At Precise Performance of Pinarello, we supply professional bicycle fitting services. Our studio is equipped with the kit to fit your bike like a glove and ensure you ride in a comfortable and efficient manner.  Precise Performance of Pinarello works with athletes of all levels, from those just starting out to racing professionals. As experts in biomechanics, our analysis and bike fitting process will make a real difference to your cycling experience.

Why Choose Precise Performance
Precise Performance is all about the individual. The skills and experience that we possess is matched only by a small number of bike fitters worldwide.
We understand how to identify targets and improve performance. Your relationship with your bike is personal and as such our services are entirely bespoke, no matter what level of support you choose.

What Is A Bike Fit?
A bike fit is a process that involves analysing and amending the position that you hold on your bike. Precise Performance uses the 3D Analysis system STT, combined with physiological assessment, which has been tailored to offer our clients the most accurate and precise measuring tools available. Using eight anatomically placed LED markers, the 3D analysis camera system reads the rider’s movements whilst in motion on the bike. This collects real-time, three-dimensional data which cannot otherwise be accurately captured. Our fit specialist will then use their knowledge, alongside your physical assessment results, to apply this data to your bike set up.

The process can be as detailed as you require, be it ensuring that your shoes and cleats are set-up correctly and having custom insoles made, establishing a fully supportive saddle position, or making minor tweaks across your bike.

What Can A Bike Fit Do For You?

Improved Balance
Key for riding safely, balance is improved by holding an optimum position on the bike. This makes a professional fit important for riders across all disciplines. The Precise Performance of Pinarello team is experienced in Road, Triathlon, Time Trial, CX and Mountain Bike fitting.

Improved Comfort
Whether you are commuting or racing, bike position dictates your comfort. Badly positioned riding induces repetitive stress. In this way, your fit will prevent many common muscular injuries.

Improved Efficiency
By establishing a position that supports your muscle movement, a professional bike fit provides the rider with the most economic means of expending energy. You will feel the difference immediately.

Improved Power
A result of increased efficiency, your bike fit will not just improve the power that you transfer to the pedal in the short term. In the long term, an optimal bike position will support your training, allowing for a continuous increase in your power output.


  • Bike Fitting Services:
  • Bike Fitting* – £220.00
  • Bike fitting (2 bikes) – £320.00
  • Junior Bike fit (Age 17 and under)* – £140.00
  • Custom Footbeds (inc. insole & moulding process) – £100.00
  • Bike Fitting & Custom Insoles* – £330.00
  • Bike Fitting (2 bikes) & Custom Insoles – £430.00
  • Basic Bike Set-up* – £90.00
  • Cleat set-up & Custom Insoles – £170.00
  • Cleat Set-up & Basic Foot Support – £60.00
  • Bike Measurements and Bike Set-up – £60.00
  • *secondary bike of same discipline +£50.00


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